French Lick, IN

The Abel family vacation is underway!  After an incredibly long time without a relaxing vacation, we are finally off on an adventure of camping and fun!  School is out, so there’s not much for me to do at home until Montessori training starts again.  We are trapped in a hotel room with two screaming kids – we’ll see how much relaxing we do.

The original plan was the UP; our main vacation destination.  But with the weather staying cool, Sam thought it best if we headed for warmer climes.  I’ve never been to Mammoth Cave – so we are going there!  We have over a week of camping in the pop-up and exploring Kentucky.

We follow our tradition – with a long drive ahead, we always find a fun hotel our first night before heading on to the campgrounds.  Typically, this would happen in Mackinaw City but there doesn’t seem to be one in Indiana.  Indiana, by the way, is apparently paving their highways with orange barrels.  Also, no one can drive.

Our Mackinaw surrogate is French Lick, a destination selected solely due to the giggles it produced from Sam.  The hotel has our usual indoor water-park – complete with glass walls for sunlight.  It is HOT down here and I fear I may melt.  The kids have bunk beds this time around, too, which they love.

Dinner was German food at the aptly named German Cafe.  So much for weight loss.  We had heretofore only had this style of food in Frankenmuth which I am now classifying as a crime against humanity.  The German food here was criminally good and the Abels will now place Germany on the short list of places to live other than Michigan (Scotland and Ireland on the list).

There was a variety of sausages – knockwurst, bratwurst, another sausage, weinerschnitzel, cabbages, potato salad, and Hungarian goulash.  We all loved it!

Then, it was off to lazer tag with Zachary and finally, time for bed.  Today, we swim, buy merch, explore a cave, and then finally get to the campsite!

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