How fitting that the Supreme Court makes its decision the weekend of my wedding anniversary.  Sam and I will have been married for seven years!  That’s not very long compared to my Grandparents who made it to 60.  It’s been a fun seven years and I’m excited to continue on in this adventure.  We had […]


Somewhere between caves and waterslides Charleston happened.  It hit me in the gut for some reason – maybe that it’s a terrible, terrible act of racism.  There’s a lot I’d love to let out about it – but I’ve held back because, what’s my place in all this?  I’m a white, hetero, male – I […]

French Lick, IN

The Abel family vacation is underway!  After an incredibly long time without a relaxing vacation, we are finally off on an adventure of camping and fun!  School is out, so there’s not much for me to do at home until Montessori training starts again.  We are trapped in a hotel room with two screaming kids […]