Is there any doubt that camp is a wonderful place?  We took our sixth graders to Pendalouan for a few days and it was absolutely wonderful.  Oh, there were struggles with cots meeting old man backs and some kids ignoring the bell, but it was great fun coupled with seeing some old friends.  With a few exceptions, my oldest friends are those at camp – and that is not too long.  It has been ten years since I started working there.

Stories and songs are a favorite part of camp.  I share my stories with my own kids as well as songs and I dearly miss the singing at camp.  Not only sharing the songs with the campers but learning new ones.  I realized today as I sang “Country Roads” to Zachary and Lucy that it has been perhaps years since I’ve sang “Mountain Dew” with anyone.  That is a tragedy!  It is a terrible crime!

Stories, too.  I have made up a few stories to tell and it was wonderful to see an old friend tell a story this trip.  I miss the story sharing.  It is, perhaps, one of the main reasons I enjoy Montessori teaching, since storytelling plays such a huge role in the classroom.

I do so love to tell stories.

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