The Night Draws to a Close

I kind of wish the school year ended in winter.  It’d be more poetic that way.  (Actually, I wish schools were year-round institutions with cascading/rolling admission for students based on their actual age, not their birthday compared to the school year, but that’s another topic entirely).  The school year ends tomorrow.  Most of my grades are done, just a few comments to write basically.  The room needs to be cleaned, and this is where the first real difference arrives:  I get to keep stuff in my room!

The past two years I knew early on that I wouldn’t be staying in the buildings I was placed and so had to load up everything from the room and schlep it home.  Now, my stuff stays in place.  I can even keep my shelves set up.  It’s very nice.

This summer I am going to Montessori training to continue my time at our school.  This is a huge 180 from the beginning of the year when I was set up for interviews outside of teaching entirely.  Now, I have a job that is fairly secure, the security finally depends solely on my actions, and I have a home again.

The most exciting part is to be able to see my students again in the fall.  They’ll be back in my room and already know me.  We’ll have some new kids as well and I’m very excited to bring them into the group.

For now though – the year is almost over.  I’ll have a week off to cram summer with my own Children in and then I’ll leave them for ten weeks.  Thankfully, we live in the future, so I’ll be able to web-chat with them at night and we can still talk to each other.

This year has been tumultuous and many, many things are happening that are hard to deal with here at home (mainly, the loss of the home!) but I am very happy and I really love my life.

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