It’s Almost, like, You Could Do BOTH!

Here’s an article I agree with.

I feel I’m pretty fit to discuss humanities since I obtained an English degree my first round of college.  This article comes pretty close to my opinion on Humanities overall and their slow step aside – an opinion I have trouble articulating normally.

Basically, everyone should learn a lot of math, science, and literature.  It’s called being well-rounded.  The problem from k-12 has often been departmentalization and that’s not okay.  There’s no reason a science teacher shouldn’t be well-versed in some literary tropes and knowledge.  Certainly I think an environmental scientist should be BEST at data collection about biomes, but they probably find a lot of mental reward if they have read Desert Solitaire or Thoreau.

I spy it often in elementary schools – there is a huge emphasis on reading and math.  “Those People” are pushing to set basic literature aside to focus more on non-fiction and opinion.  Gasp!  It’s such a non-issue it drives me crazy people make it an issue.  The kids are still expected to read quality literature, but they are also expected to learn about things like support for opinions and empirical data.

Yeah, there’s a big push to help students be more well-rounded and knowledgeable about all topics before picking one to specialize in.  Villains.

Anyway, I agree with the article.

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