Father and Son

Zachary and I had a great adventure yesterday!  Since watching King Kong vs Godzilla, the atomic behemoth is all the rage in the Abel household.  Our boy caught wind of a monster from the outer realms called “SpaceGodzilla” and has been begging to see this one ever since.  Trouble is, there’s a dearth of Godzilla DVDs right now.  They are very hard to find, despite the new movie.  Apparently, the studios do not want our money.

Well, Zachary and I heard rumors these arcane blu-rays were available at a store we don’t normally frequent (Hint:  It’s awful, and so are the parking lots) and he talked me into taking him on a search and rescue mission.  Lo and behold – they had the movies we sorely desired!

We have a three-in-one disc of the Heisei versions of Vs. Mothra and Vs. Ghidorah, as well as Giant Monsters Attack.  We also got a twofer bluray featuring SpaceGodzilla and MechaGodzilla II.  Happy as a clam, and eating Pringles, we headed home.

Lucy, of course, had to watch SpongeBob before we could continue.  But at long last we started in on SpaceGodzilla.  Zachary loved it!  In that child way one loves things that terrify – SpaceGodzilla had him hiding behind the couch like some latter-day Dalek was on the screen.  We stayed up late and watched most of it, but we both fell asleep before the final battle.  A sad day, but Godzilla still won I am led to believe.

The daughter also seemed to enjoy it, though she is still unable to focus on much that isn’t animated.  The Abels take a long time to move on to live-action.

I am pretty excited to have a fellow Godzilla fan in the house.

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