Monthly Archives: April 2014

My Body Vs My Mind

Well, nuts.  In the midst of all that has happened it has rapidly come apparent to me that my body is aging.  I don’t particularly care for this.  Features of my humanity’s particular model include random back pain and headaches.  Also, exhaustion.

The week I took off for mom was a killer in the classroom.  The students were completely out of practice when I got back and so was I!  Patience takes a lot of practice, particularly with my class.  They are all very awesome kids, but several of them lack focus so it’s challenging to stay cool and keep them on task.  I did an alright job.  Luckily during spring break (this week) I have my own kids to keep my patience honed.

The other problem was physical exhaustion.  A lot of people don’t realize how active teaching is – especially in elementary school.  You move around the room a lot, squat down to talk to kids, get back up, walk the class places – it’s physically demanding.  My stamina was low.

The non-tangible I miss the most from my youth is my wicked metabolism, though.  Those days of eating like a pig and staying slim as could be are gone.  Mainly my fault due to my lack of exercise.  Lately I’ve had the worst time motivating myself to do anything about it, but I probably should.  I’ve grown incredibly lazy at home.  My mind has always been my enemy in that regard – I love going outside and goofing off, but the act of changing clothes and taking care of the laundry puts me off, which is the worst thing I’ve said in a long time.

Also, round about August I lost all desire for writing.  I don’t know what happened!  It was during my attempt to blog for a month when I realized I just didn’t care enough to keep going.  It’s very sad to fall out of practice in writing because I’ve got some good skills in that regard.  I love to tell stories.  But lately – I just don’t know.

Anyway, this is all a roundabout way to say I don’t have anything to say.  It is a beautiful day.