The Box Trolls

Stop Motion is the greatest thing in the history of film.  I think that about sums up my feelings on the craft of stop-motion.  Every bit of it is amazing to me.  Film is so very much a visual medium dedicated to lying to you and stop-motion lies to both your conscious and subconscious.  Not only is belief suspended entirely by the outrageous situations, but the thing you are watching is not even moving!  It just looks like it!

And the craft and beauty of articulating the puppets and sets is so overwhelming to me.  The main TV spot for The Box Trolls tugs as me every time – I cannot believe the work that goes into a single frame of Laika’s stop-motion features.

Coraline was pretty good and I found ParaNorman even better.  I am so excited for this movie it is unreal.

I wish I could find my old VHS tapes of my stop-motion efforts from long ago.

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