State of the Matthew, August 2013

Well, Summer is coming to a close, at least it should be, but I’m still laid off.  The worst bit of being laid off is the fear that the human resources department has the wrong phone number for me.  That’s a silly thing to worry about, but it’s there.  Everyone tells me I’ll most likely be called back in a few weeks, but that’s not a whole lot of fun, waiting.  Plus, then I’ll have another class that started after the year started – that can make things challenging.

As a fall-back I’ve registered to sub and I have plenty of friends who are still in the district so I can probably keep busy at GRPS, as well as being able to spread out a bit.  (I’d still rather be recalled)

In the meantime, I’m starting school!  That’s right.  Much to my father’s glee I’m enrolled in Western’s Science Education program to earn my Master’s.  It’s exciting.  It will be interesting to see how the Master’s plays into things down the line, but everyone seems to need science teachers.

So, the kids start day care and I start subbing and that’s how it is.  It’s frustrating, the unknown.  It’s been a bit of a rough summer because of it but at least things are moving forward.

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