Everything is Going to Be Okay

Cynicism runs rampant, my friends.  Too many people I talk to (people younger than me!) complain that things aren’t “like they used to be!”  Well, some of that is good and some of that is bad.  Things certainly aren’t like they used to be.  For example, I don’t have to be terrified Zachary is going to die of polio which is pretty awesome.  Likewise, Lucy is going to have a lower risk of certain cancers thanks to vaccines she’ll receive when the time is right.

Everything is amazing.  But no one is happy!


Crime rates are massively lower!  Almost everyone can vote!  (that’s probably my only area of concern, but I think we’ll get over that hump as well).  There are some unfortunate scare-mongers who are trying to turn back the clock, but the pendulum will swing back.  There’s a tidal wave of sleeping giants waiting to take on the stubborn.

(I am at a loss for the right word – I want to say “old,” but I’ve met incredibly open-minded old people and terribly stubborn, short-sighted young people, and none of them are stupid so I can’t use that word, and stubborn lacks the impact I want)

Everyone needs to stop freaking out.  We’ve got this amazing society we’ve created and all anyone cares about is how awful things used to be, but pretending that’s right now.

I’ve been reading books again.  That’s what prompted this.  Everyone wants to ignore the real, fixable problems so they can all complain about how awful everything is:  “No one has any respect for family.  There’s no religion anymore.  In my day, people had the decency to [be scared of old people].”  BAH!

Crime is down, there’s scarcely any real danger on most streets these days and yet we ignore the people who still need help.  A lot of people only need some resilience and stress relief and some knowledge of life and they’d be okay.  People need to learn to be happy with what they have and learn how to really find the things they need.

Stop looking for the bad – if you can’t find a living, breathing victim – someone actually being injured – then leave it be.  No more phantoms, please.

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