31: A Poem

I am supposed to write a poem.

Here is my poem.


We were promised peace as a wall came down
And our hopes evaporated as walls fell
Because a hornet’s nest was kicked

We were promised in our youth a shiny world
We were promised life would be “post-”
(but it isn’t)

And we have instead given the world
To the stubborn and old-minded
(your age is not your age)

Our kind must bridge that gap that forgot
The dusty and depressed.
We must reach and grab those hands
And share that knowledge
Slow down.
Look up.
Look forward.

The minds will open
Love will survive
Your hatred will burn brightly
And flame out
And our hope will burn brighter
Consuming and sharing
And earning our birthright

We were promised peace
And we will have it.

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