31: My Love Affair

Confession time.  There’s been a love affair I’ve been a part of for many, many years.  No need for worry.  Sam has been well aware of it throughout its entirety.  She had little choice as it started before we met.


God help me, I love pie.  There are very few pies I will refuse (citrus pies – I’m not a fan of citrus in baked goods – and coconut cream on occasion).  For a long time I’ve been alarmed by the level of pie intake in our household, but I’ve had about fifteen pies in the past few days (editor’s note:  it was really five slices) and I crave far, far more.

And that’s all you are going to get from me today.  It is my day with my wife and it is my day for pie and I love you all, America, but there is little you have to offer me in this electronic wilderness today.

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