31: Spanish!

It’s that time of year again.  The time is rarely scheduled and honestly happens every few months, but I am learning Spanish again.  Spanish is a language I’ve been trying to learn for six years and I am terrible at it mainly because I don’t apply myself.  There’s little extra income for formal lessons (I’m not very interested, truth be told) and I don’t know too many people fluent.  Sam speaks it but rarely uses it, so what is a guy to do?

Thankfully there is a meetup every other Saturday.  The last time I went the kids were with me which made it challenging to focus, but this week I am alone and it was very rewarding.  There were advanced speakers all around me so I did little but listen.

Why Spanish?  Many, many parents in my school district speak it.  Many, many people speak it and it is important to have communication within this world of our.  Spanish has a lovely sound to it.

Honestly, I would say I haven’t an ear for languages but I don’t really know as I’ve rarely taken the time learn.  Kicking myself is my refrain when speaking on it as I certainly could have taken  high school or college Spanish.  My own children will learn it – ideally we would enroll them in an immersion program but we don’t live in that area right now.  One year to go since Zachary starts Kindergarten next year.

Unsurprisingly, the area I showed the most focus at this meeting was a discussion on food.  It was exciting – I showed my love of eating, I suppose.  There’s not much to comment on that, but I am learning Spanish again and hope it goes well.

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