IN WHICH:  I talk about a terrible movie.

This past few days the family and I went to Sleeping Bear Dunes, which I will talk about in a different post.  During this time we had the good fortune to go to a drive-in movie at the Cherry Bowl Drive-In, which I will talk about in a different post.  We saw “Planes,” which I will talk about in this post.

First:  There is a Mickey Mouse cartoon before Planes which was god-awful.  It was… well, Planes is a movie for the simple minded and this was for people who think Mickey Mouse cartoons should be completely insane and loud and terrible.

We didn’t enjoy it.

Planes was also not-good.  It was frenetic and poorly paced.  I was reminded of times I’ve attempted watching movies while drunk, except I was not drunk, but felt as if I were watching it.  There was little redeeming value there and I think many, many people agree.  Even Zach was unimpressed.  He said he liked it, but promptly forgot about it the next day.  Nothing of the movie could be remembered at breakfast.

There’s a problem there, in that it was easily and identifiable a cash grab in every way.  There was no soul to the movie, no redeeming values.  Cars 2 was clearly a cash grab, but it also felt like the creators took the time to come up with some ideas, even if they weren’t fully formed.

Unnecessary sequels, amirite?  What it reminds me of is another unnecessary sequel from not too long ago.  The particular franchise was long thought over with and suddenly a new movie was coming to the big screen!  We were all surprised and wondered if it would be any good.  Why would they make a new movie here?  There was no need, but they made it indeed, and it was amazing.  That movie’s name:  Toy Story 3.

See, that screams of the rare case where the idea for the movie popped into someone’s head and they decided to go ahead and make it.  And dang if Toy Story 3 isn’t my favorite.

This is opposed to Planes, where it’s obvious that Disney would like you to give them your money so you can take your kids to a movie.  Because there’s not too many kid’s movies out that are very well done this year.  I have seen Despicable Me 2, which was okay, and at least one other kid’s movie that must have been poor as I don’t remember it at all.

Thankfully Planes is a “Disney” movie, not a “Pixar,” so we don’t have to listen to the broken record about Pixar losing its touch.  Pixar peaked incredibly high for me with Up and Wall-E so I don’t expect them to be amazing every time.  (In all honesty, Monsters, Inc didn’t do a whole lot for me)  But for the most part, Pixar hasn’t been a cash-grab-sequel factory.  There’s still love behind the projects.

I didn’t really have much to say here, just that I love Pixar and Planes was terrible.

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