31 Review: The Dark Lord of Derkholm

I’d like to take a minute to shout out to my book club today.  They are a great group and I’m missing this month’s meeting since I’m camping.  It’s been almost a year – I’m not going to look it up – since I started going and we’ve had an awesome time.  The core has grown quite a bit since I started and it’s really nice to see them each month and sometimes more.  I’d like to see them all more often and probably will in the future.

Our book this month was The Dark Lord of Derkholm which I really enjoyed a lot.  If you enjoy off the cuff fantasty, you’ll enjoy this book.  It starts out with exposition, naturally, but it comes at you very drippingly.  There’s no real infodumps contained and a lot of the material is exposed organically.  The book is described as a satire or farce, but I found it took itself rather seriously while not being too serious overall.

If you enjoy fantasy and humor, you’ll enjoy The Dark Lord of Derkholm.  But you don’t have to take my word for it!

The book also takes the POV of several characters in the book, mainly Derk and his son Blade (I am not making that name up).  Both work well as main characters, but I would argue Blade undergoes the traditional character arc in this particular volume.  The Derk from the start of the book is basically the Derk at the end, but Blade gains a lot of confidence and becomes something greater.  The ending has a bit too much of a “Full House” feel to me, but I enjoyed the ride-along.

There’s also a dragon, and dragons are usually pretty cool.  So its got that going for it.


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