31: Extreme Space

Today is the day the Perseids meteor shower is supposed to peak.  And do you know where I am.  Where I am right now?  I am at Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Now, it seems to me that this is a fairly good place to watch it all go down.  The Porkies would be better, but we are on a time budget, you see.

I love space.  I love everything about outer space and I find it incredibly fascinating.  Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan are incredible heroes of mine in that department and part of the reason I became a teacher was to relate the wonder of science and space to the kids.  It saddens me that science takes such a backseat, even when you are the classroom teacher.  Thankfully, I’ll be earning my scientific-teaching stuff over the next few months.

There is a real reward in studying the sky above.  Many, many pieces of technology that we take for granted were developed for space missions or using experiments on the shuttle or space stations and its a shame more people don’t know about them.  There’s also the little bit of news that we are in danger of obliteration by asteroids, and the best hope of our species is to get off the planet.  We have real technology at our disposal to one day do this, and to have asteroid mining and space elevators and that sort of thing.

That’s really how I go down  – I’m part of that futurist movement and I’m proud to be so.  Even though my wife calls me crazy every time I talk about space elevators.  I don’t really care what people think, I believe in space elevators.

So, I’m up here enjoying nature having typed this on Friday before we left, and about to see some extraterrestrial nature in action.  I hope you all get out and see it, too.

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