31: Music Poser

I’ve been a music poser for most of my life.

Phew.  Glad that’s off my chest.

I grew up listening to a LOT of Peter, Paul, and Mary as well as old-timey folk music because that’s what we listened to in the car.  There was a lot of Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry.  The radio was strictly NPR.

(And now I realize this radio policy has extended into adulthood!)

The takeaway is that my exposure to a lot of the music I listen to came in high school and college, which isn’t that awful, but I never find the time to listen to all the music I want to so I typically fake it when talking to more knowledgeable people.  It’s shockingly easy (“Oh yes, they’re sophomore effort was quite a bit more melodramatic than their first album – didn’t you catch the underlying subtext?”)

I know what I like.  I like EVERYTHING.  It used to be I would add the ol’ chestnut “Everything but country and rap,” but that’s not true.  I like everything except shitty music.  There’s some very good rap songs and very good country songs and there are some terrible rock songs and many, many terrible indie songs.  Indie is the genre I’m typically roughest with since I listen to the whiniest indie ever.  I believe I’ve stated previously I once listened to a song that was little more than white noise and wailing for about five minutes before I realized something was wrong with the streaming.

But to skip all that, I thought I’d list a few bands/Artists I’ve really enjoyed.  Most of my music is listened to via spotify, but I’m hoping to hit the library soon to collect a few CDS:

Frightened Rabbit
Cold War Kids
The Mountain Goats
The Decemberists
Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)
Ok, Go!

HOWEVER I have built within me a distaste for these bands:
Modest Mouse
Death Cab for Cutie

I don’t know why.

Of course, there is still the matter of musicians like Johnny Cash, The Beatles, and other mainstream business that gets my business because they are the business.

I also listen to the Les Mis soundtrack a lot.

I apologize to you all, because I don’t really have a point, but I felt compelled to write about music.  I wish I had time to listen to more music – really listen and focus and learn about the songs but there is so much and so much is so good that it’s hard.  Many people who listen to music I have met never listen and that makes me sad.  So, find music that speaks to you, I say, and listen to it often and listen to it loudly, and be sure to sing along even if it’s classical and people look at you funny for singing “Da-da-da-da da-da-da-da BUUUUUM  BUUUUUU-BUUUUUUUUM” (which is obviously “Mars” by Gustav Holst).

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