Vonnegut Fan Fiction?

God, this news is so old, but it bears mentioning:  Amazon has the rights for Kurt Vonnegut Fan Fiction.  People would write fan fiction based on the… the Vonnegut-verse, I guess?  And then they would submit it and get a royalty.  This whole thing gives me squint face, as modeled by Philip here.


Who on earth does this?  Is there a contingent of secret fans I am unaware of that write Vonnegut fan fiction?  Is it an inclusion of famous characters or are they mimicking the style?  How many people can actually name a Vonnegut character that is not Kilgore Trout (or Billy Pilgrim, I guess).  I mean, I can.  I’ve read almost everything published by Vonnegut and I balk heavily at this whole idea.

Electrons have been processed far more mightily than by me over the whole Kindle Worlds concept.  I don’t really care about THAT – but to write Vonnegut fan fiction?  I just can’t believe it exists.  How would it even work?  “Dwayne Hoover woke up and decided to buy a Burger Chef that day.  The bird said “poo-tee-weet.”  That’s garbage!

Life is confusing and so are corporations.

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