Can you believe people review trailers now?  We’re so hungry for media we consume two minute bits for pleasure.  I know I do – trailers are one of my favorite parts of a movie!  There’s two trailers in particular that were released I’m quite excited about.

Muppets Most Wanted!

Now this is exciting!  The Muppets are the finest variety act ever formed and I couldn’t be more pleased to see a modern riff on “The Great Muppet Caper.”  The Jason Segal Muppets outing is one of my all time favorite movies and I hope this one is as hilarious.  Sam can attest to my constant guffawing during that.  And no matter what she says I did not cry three times.

Thor 2:

And Thor 2.  The first Thor movie was not my favorite Marvel movie – that goes to Avengers and Captain America – but it was very well done.  The sound design was one of my favorite components, which will probably bore anyone who isn’t already.  The ongoing Marvel Movieverse is one of the best things about living in the future.

The real reason I’m posting these is as an excuse to link to one of my favorite indie comics:  Muppet Thor.  Canaan is a terrific comic artist.  His expressions are done well and his stylization is one of my favorites.  Sometimes his little kids suffer from “old man head,” but I still enjoy it.  There’s a zest and joy to his work that’s hard to find elsewhere.

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