Metapost: Exposure!

Well, it’s finally happened.  My free work is being made free-er!  A while back I had a post on coffee published on Panacea Press.  Today, thanks to a heads up from an old friend, I find its been linked by the Grand Haven Tribune!  I am so happy about this.  I worked pretty hard on the piece and was pretty thrilled by the whole thing.

I figured I’d update you on some projects I’m working on:

I’ve got three kid’s books to polish up.  One is about Zach, one is about Lucy, and the third is my classic tale of dinosaurs and cowboys.  The writing isn’t hard, but figuring out the age I’m aiming for with each is because it changes the vocabulary significantly as well as the length.  Kid’s books are HARD.  I’d also like to finish the first draft of “Night of the Living Fart.”

Those are the main pieces I’m working on, as well as my blog posts.  There’s another blog I sent over to Panacea, actually, but it needs some polish.  As well, there’s a sketch competition at Cracked I’m hoping to enter.

I feel pretty fired up about all this business.  I feel like this:

The new phone book’s here!

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