31: Biking

Today I went for a bike ride.  This trip was a rare excursion without the kids. Pulling Lucy in the trailer creates just a bit of extra weight and Zach is too big for it.  He rides his own bike now, something he is not incredibly good at.  There is a tendency in him to hit the brakes every few feet and to turn despite a lack of need.  Even with training wheels he falls.

No, today it was the open trail and me.  I managed to go about 9 miles in forty minutes which seems okay.  Stop signs littered the path through town causing a wait for a good straightaway.  I gave it a good show when that happened.  It was under tree cover and fast and I enjoyed it.

I’d like to give a shout-out to the other fat guys on that trail.  One man was running, fitting his earbuds in, ready to get it down.  Another was a large man on a tiny bicycle.  Fitness was starting up around there.

I’m posting a shortie today!  I’ve got other musings to… muse…

Stay Classy.

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