31 Project: Things I am Awesome At

Here’s the deal, friends.  This cranky old laptop is giving me the business today.  The past several laptops have all been compromises and not truly what I want in a small box that will incinerate my testicles daily, so I’m trying to save up and hold out for sterility-machine of my dreams.  Unfortunately, today my bike fell over.  Because of “reasons” this knocked the shifter out of alignment causing it to catch the rear wheel.  Long story short, my new bike, the material possession I have grown most attached too (sorry beer glasses!) is broken.

I am adrift in sorrow!  I am lost – I am Rose dropping a diamond, Marius with his empty tables, Ash having drunk too much.

And there’s still laundry to do!

So:  What am I awesome at?  That’s the kind of self-confidence booster I really need.  Here are some things I’m pretty good to awesome at:

1.  Being a Dad.  The kids scrape their knees and I don’t falter – I go right in and kiss that bloody knee to shut off the tears.  I’m a jungle gym on a daily basis.  There’s no mud I won’t make or slide I won’t slip when my kids are about.

2.  Cooking/Baking.  You know how on cooking shows the chefs chop onions super fast?  I can do that.  My stock is thick with body and properly seasoned.  Deglazing is a skill at which I excel.  People have mistaken my homemade bread for bakery bread.  The grilled cheese from my griddle is encrusted with more cheese.

3.  Drinking beer.  To be perfectly honest I’m a bit out of practice on this bit of life, but I am still very good at it.

4.  Teaching Science.  When given a science topic my brain explodes and classroom experiments and lessons stream like Netflix through my brain.  Other teachers have asked me for help – that’s a sign, you know.  This fall I’m starting my endorsement program for this business.

5.  Singing.  Sad story time:  In early high school when trying out for a musical the choir director told me to not sing and basically told me I couldn’t sing much at all.  That’s the power of teachers because for a long time I didn’t sing with anyone around.  In my car with friends noticeably overpowered by the music, but it was a long, long time before I gained the confidence and I am told by people I trust that I am quite good at singing.  Also, I have been described as a Baritone which I find incredibly manly.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good now.

6.  Writing.  When I’m in practice (getting there!) and take the time my gift for the written word shines brightly.  In college my piece was selected to be read by Jim Harrison in a writing class.  Cockiness and excuses have been the bane of my existence the past few years, but thanks to my wife I am finally setting things straight.  My writing is irreverent and imaginative, which is how I like it.

7.  Inspiring people.  At least, I hope I am.  People always seemed pretty fired up at summer staff meetings, though that was usually after the meeting so it might have been relief.  There’s a lot of good in people and it’s rewarding to find it and help it blossom.  Truth be told, I can be a bit of a walking greeting card section if I don’t watch it.

8.  Husbanding.  Ask her.  She’ll tell you.

9.  Building fires.  As an outdoor educator this was a skill I taught and there was no urge in me to be embarrassed in front of a gaggle of 6th graders.  Building a fire I do well, typically needing one match.  Unless that match goes out, then I need another one.

10.  Trivia.  All kinds of trivia.  Facts I’ve read stay with me so I can typically tell you odd bits of trivia such as tomato plants belonging to the nightshade family.  There was a time I knew the entirety of the Green Lantern Corps history and I’m not so sure it was a total loss losing that information.

Well, I do feel a lot better.  Mainly because my wife is home and she wasn’t during the bike fiasco.  Zachary starts day camp tomorrow so there is a lot to be done here in the household.

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