31 Project: Memories

Saturday night I saw “Pacific Rim” at the Imax here in town.  For those of you not knowledgeable about things that are awesome, it is a movie featuring giant robots (jaegers) fighting giant monsters (kaiju).  In short, it was a tour de force.  However, what pleased me most was that illustrator Scott Rosema was selling art in the atrium of the theater.

Muskegon is the home of Scott Rosema and it was there I first met him, long, long ago.  He was kind, here in the present, enough to listen to me remember meeting him.  This was during my Freshman year and I was spending the day at the community college.  I recall the day very well because I had an ear infection and had to keep laying my head down so fluid would drain.  This was also where I learned the word “zep” in regards to green apples.  (Green apples have more “zep,” you see)

Rosema was leading an hour long seminar on sequential art, which is what comics are, and it was fascinating.  Basically a cliffs notes version of a Scott McCloud book but less full of itself.  We learned about some made up superhero and picked out panels to effectively make the story dynamic.  Drawings were made as well and it was very much a good time.  I was complimented on my superhero drawing.

There was a long time where I thought I’d be a cartoonist.  For a long time.  Drawing has always been fun and it’s been a long, long time since I’ve done it seriously.  I drew cartoons for the college paper before I was fired for… well, there wasn’t a reason.  It was terribly depressing.  Still, I am fairly good at drawing and I enjoy it.  That’s what the chance encounter reminded me of.  What happened?

Well, I will jut have to draw again.  As I am writing again – all things in their time.  And all things continue onward.  As much as the word “art” causes me physical pain, it is to the core of my being that I am an artist, that I am a creative mind.  For what do I not create?  The muscles are responding, that is true.

What meant much to me on Saturday was that Rosema remembered the class.  He certainly did not remember the skinny young man who kept putting his head down, but it made him happy to be remembered.  He is an excellent comic artist and I was very happy to see him again.

On the subject of memory – this is a week to remember.  Zachary has gone to day camp for the first time.  This is monumental!  We bought his backpack last night and Sam packed the bag this morning and we all piled into the Traverse to take him to the bus stop.  There were pictures to be taken, as well, and in a short time the bus was there.  We walked up to the counselor and introduced Zach.  Zach handed over his camp store envelope and walked onto the bus.  There was no last minute hug or kiss, just a rush to get on without looking back.

He’s that kind of person.

Lucy was not happy to see Zach climb aboard the bus without her.  Realizing it meant she had me to herself for the day brightened her mood considerably.  Sam had a moment, that bittersweet moment of realization the child has grown up a bit more, but she was fine.  We both miss him.  I can’t imagine what it will be like to send him away for the overnights.  The child is growing.  Lucy is talking and using the potty and before Sam and I know they will be going to college days and such.

Memories, my friends. memories.

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