31 Project: Birthday Wishlist

The person I stole this process from had a birthday wishlist because her birthday was in the month she did it.  My birthday has passed, but I’m still doing the birthday wishlist.  And I truly think the top of my list right now would be a new laptop.  The current computer upon which I type this is missing keys (thanks to Lucy), which makes typing less fun.  It also tends to drop the Internet lately.  By which I mean, it pretends there is no such thing as an Internet.

It’s very fun.

Aside from that, there are many material objects I would love for a birthday.  A pickup truck, a woodworking set, perhaps a house with a yard and some woods.  But what I’d truly wish myself would be some focus.  See, I’m here typing but I have tabs open all around me and I am thinking to myself “boy, I could just switch over and read that article and then get right back to writing.”

That type of thing is always bad news.  It’s frustrated by the real work typing on this keyboard is, by the true distraction of a day which gave me no time to write – so this is at the end of the day, when I want to relax after chasing children (and I had grandparent help for several hours).

I suppose along with a laptop, and focus, I would enjoy things be taken from me – excuses would be nice.  Yes, rid me of my excuses, that is my birthday wish.  Take away them all – leave me alone, temperate, in the middle of a screen tent in the woods with a keyboard, a pen, paper, so I cannot say “I would prefer longhand writing today” or “I am too cold.”

Truth be told, the kids and I had a fabulous time failing to fly a kite today and it did give me an idea for a story – it was Zach’s idea in fact.  He likes to fly kites because he wants one to take him to space, which is a terribly effective four year old idea.  Four year olds have the best ideas.

(i am fighting the urge to click another tab – again!)

I feel most comfortable writing a bit when I can hear the kids in the background.  But as brothers and sisters go – one of them tends to start screaming after five minutes.

For my birthday, someone could get me regular naptimes.  That would be nice – reliable sleep schedules for my kids.  Because I love to play with them, but there are many things I want to accomplish as well.

For my birthday I would like trips and the mental state to take them – a feeling of non-worry, that my time is well spent gallivanting.  I would like to travel to Japan, Australia, Iceland, and many other places.

I would love a new food processor, since mine broke.  No one knows why.

An oven that is normal sized would be nice as well.

Oh, and the typical wish of world peace and end to war, that sort of thing.

For my birthday, in case you wondered, America, I like funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting.  This is a key point – rainbow chip frosting is not the same as funfetti frosting and it is nowhere near as delightfully sugary.  A proper birthday cake should tighten the face with it’s sweetness.

There’s a myriad of comics and graphic novels I would welcome as well.

But, mostly, I think it’s time I’d like and focus.  Time to do what I want to do and focus to actually do it.  When I find time, it is sad to say I spend far too much of it collecting rupees or shouting into the wilderness.  That’s the way of it.


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