Reading List

Heyo.  Next Tuesday I start school again!  I’m getting my masters in Science Education, a bold move since I don’t currently have A job.  But, whatevs.  Science is cool. Lately, I’ve been kind of bored with reading.  There’s books I’ve been burning through like a madman, but I’ve been having a hard time staying engaged […]


It’s allergy season.  I’m suffering.  Are you suffering?  I am.  My eyes, nose, throat – it’s all blowing up!  Why on earth do we have allergies?  This is a question I ask.  They make little sense at all. Allergies are pointless and I’m sick of having them.

31: A Poem

I am supposed to write a poem. Here is my poem. A POEM We were promised peace as a wall came down And our hopes evaporated as walls fell Because a hornet’s nest was kicked We were promised in our youth a shiny world We were promised life would be “post-” (but it isn’t) And […]

31: Lists!

Here is a list that I wrote. THINGS I HATE TO READ IN BLOGS. 1)  “Hello.  I have been missing and have not updated in a while.” This is obnoxious and self-pitying.  No one cares.  I don’t even care when I do this – I space out and all of sudden the blog is updated […]

31: Spanish!

It’s that time of year again.  The time is rarely scheduled and honestly happens every few months, but I am learning Spanish again.  Spanish is a language I’ve been trying to learn for six years and I am terrible at it mainly because I don’t apply myself.  There’s little extra income for formal lessons (I’m […]