June has passed and July is here, and to celebrate the turnover (and our anniversary) we went camping!  Our travels brought us to Weber Lake, which was not as wonderful as we remembered it.  Air mattresses are out of style for us and we have vowed to find a decent camper from here on out.

IMG_2315 IMG_2349 IMG_2375 IMG_2383


However, wimping out was not without it’s positives – we had a lovely time visiting Mackinaw City for a night.  The City has only gotten more touristy in the past few years, which is fine because we like to eat ice cream and look at weird sundries.  Zachary request a trip to the Mystery Spot, so we went!


It was very mysterious.

A treat awaited us upon arriving home.  Our raspberries are ripening, and they are fairly easy to get to thanks to careful pruning.  Many were larger than expected, disregarding their wild roots to burgeon plumply from the vine.


We didn’t end up with any in the baskets.



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