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The Difference of a Day

Well, yesternight was my book club meeting.  We have read The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss.  It’s challenging to have a traditional book discussion on the second book of an incomplete trilogy, so much of the night was full of speculation instead of discussion.  Not much to say about characterization and plotting, but I enjoyed it.

The club convened at our house as we also watched “Airplane!”  The movie comes up most every week, typically through quoting.  It does lend itself well to literary inclusion since it provides lessons in humorous context and affectionate parody – or at least, well done parody.

In honor of the Kingkiller Chronicles, I attempted to have a few foods out that represented the book.  There were honeyed almonds and plums, a bottle of mead, and some Waystone Inn type food – cold chicken, cheese, and black bread.  The fun was had.  I really enjoy my book club.

Unfortunately, today has brought me low.  Last night Sam went to bed early with a sore back – or so I thought.  It turned out to be some sort of stomach illness which has brought me low today.  It is terrible, cramping, and expulsionary.

The difference of a day!  I was very happy last night as my friends left, having had a wonderful time – and now we find ourselves near death in the Abel household.  Thankfully the kids are off camping with family so we don’t need worry about them.  Unfortunately, I had several things planned for the few days sans kids that I don’t think will get done.

Ah well, such is life.

A 31 Project

I went to college at the same time as Krissy Peterson, a woman whose social circle intersected with my social circle quite often. She’s been writing far, far more than I have and in order to perk up that side of her, she’s been doing a 31 project. It’s a topic for each day of the month so she blogs each day.

Now, that’s something I can get behind. Blogging more would certainly jumpstart my creative juices and just might jumpstart my general “life attitude,” which has been funky lately. The whole household needs something wonderful to happen and I am firm believer in creating wonderful.

Krissy has some really excellent pieces on her blog right now:


June has passed and July is here, and to celebrate the turnover (and our anniversary) we went camping!  Our travels brought us to Weber Lake, which was not as wonderful as we remembered it.  Air mattresses are out of style for us and we have vowed to find a decent camper from here on out.

IMG_2315 IMG_2349 IMG_2375 IMG_2383


However, wimping out was not without it’s positives – we had a lovely time visiting Mackinaw City for a night.  The City has only gotten more touristy in the past few years, which is fine because we like to eat ice cream and look at weird sundries.  Zachary request a trip to the Mystery Spot, so we went!


It was very mysterious.

A treat awaited us upon arriving home.  Our raspberries are ripening, and they are fairly easy to get to thanks to careful pruning.  Many were larger than expected, disregarding their wild roots to burgeon plumply from the vine.


We didn’t end up with any in the baskets.