Mission Statement

I have been blogging off and on for 13 years.  The hobby of blogging, for me, has reached the teens and like many teenagers it’s getting hormonal and wants to sleep a lot.  There was a bit of a metamorphosis when I broke out of the LiveJournal pupa (is LiveJournal still there?) and went through a Xanga phase, a Blogger phase, and had a couple of webcomics that broke down from mis-use.

Here I am now, blogging about blogging.

Back in the western wilds of 2007 I started up the ol’ WordPress blog and it’s been good to me.  It’s seen the birth and death of matthewabel.com, been well-visited, been poorly visited, and is now sitting restfully on the servers of A Small Orange.  Matthewabel.net is my idea of trying again.  Writing a blog (and writing in general) are like smoking, you see.  You don’t quit starting in this case.  You shouldn’t smoke, either.

There have been many stops and starts – a very good run in 2009, I believe, with posts most every day.  That could have been 2008 or 2010 – I don’t really remember.

What I’m saying is this:  Blogs are supposed to have Mission Statements.  Not a literal one, not “We promise to blah blah blah spiritual needs, blah, in the Midwest.”  Blogs are supposedly best when they focus on one topic like cooking or wart removal or automobile sex.

That’s a thing.  Look it up.

Listen!  There’s no mission statement here.  For all I know, this could be the final post I ever make.  I could lose interest again by tomorrow!  Or later tonight!  Meteors could happen for all I know and this blog would sit on the servers until payments stopped and it would be deleted.  The old blog on the WordPress servers would sit not knowing this was it’s final message and eventually be decoded by alien archaeologists wondering why our race died with on appendage noticeably stronger than the other.

“The Internet,” our descendants will croak from their cages.  “We heard the legends.”

I’m in a cage, too.  Terrified of really laying it all out here in the ether – I have promises to keep.  The Public Sector and I – we’re involved.  I promised I wouldn’t cheat.

I should have changed my name.  Would that have done any good?

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