I’m sick.  Packed to the brim with thick, disgusting liquids in my head and chest.  My head hurts a lot.  And my wife has to work, so I will be alone with two very loud children whom I adore and love, but this makes them no quieter.

I have been quite busy at work trying to make things better in my room and it is going fairly well, but what can you do as a 3rd grade teacher when you have a student reading at a Kindergarten level?  And you are expected to perform crazy comprehension feats with children lacking fluency?  Ah well – they are learning bit by bit and I am sad only that I am inexperienced.

Time long ago I desperately focused on my success.  I figured I’d be very rich by now.  As it stands, I love my children and wife and that’s pretty nice.  But I find myself bored far too much – what am I to do with myself?

These are the ravings of the ill.

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