Charter Schools — Socializing Debt and Privatizing Profit

Charter Schools — Socializing Debt and Privatizing Profit. I always enjoy and article that looks at the whole story.  I think this does fairly well. Charter Schools are kind of a nightmare, not only because I work in the public schools – well that’s about the main reason – but because they kind of have […]

Four Hours

The past month or so I’ve been paging through the books of Tim Fenriss – “The Four Hour Work Week” and “The Four Hour Body.”  Both are extremely fascinating reads and well researched to boot.  I’d recommend them for anyone who works. The “Work Week” is mainly about outsourcing.  As in, everyone should do it.  […]


I’m sick.  Packed to the brim with thick, disgusting liquids in my head and chest.  My head hurts a lot.  And my wife has to work, so I will be alone with two very loud children whom I adore and love, but this makes them no quieter. I have been quite busy at work trying […]