The Haps

You know what are impossible to find?  2 gallon zip top bags.  It’s driving me crazy.

Mitt Romney is going to get the RNC nom, I’m pretty sure.  Ron Paul is okay, but he’s batshit insane.

Sam is doing Wii Fit which is why I am not.

I think my main problem at work is that I am not a great teacher.  I’m okay, but there is sooo much to do.  I can’t really afford to be one, either.  I haven’t started any of my college credit stuff I’m required to take.  I can’t buy books for my room, really.  There’s no way I can get the supplies I am supposed to.  It’s crazy!

Anyway, I’m not going to sweat that.  I am trying very hard to get my kids rocking in reading but reading tests were very mixed today.  I don’t know how to really improve – but I am going to try my best.

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