They Day Comes

I am trapped within a school building.  My diet of cherry Coke and pretzel rods is non-sustaining and I will no doubt despise the choice on the morrow.  Possibly this evening.  This building houses me and my disdain for work that is finished.

When you are in a classroom, there are approximately five thousand things to be done every minute.  Here I sit, weary, somewhat prepared for tomorrow.  But preparedness is fairly impossible.  The copy machine is inaccessible in the afternoon, once people leave the office.

Yes, it is challenging.  Challenging to do anything at all.  At the end of the day my brain feels full – wiped out, incapable of complex cognition.  But there is much to be done.  And that is the failure here – for I return home and need to be restored but also to complete the days tasks.  For example, this blog, which I am trying to do from school but am having a terrible time thinking through.

Meditation is the prescription.  But it is so late and I need gas and I need to get home.    And I don’t care to blog about mundane items.  The day was a-bustle with hustle.  But the best bits?  I don’t recall.

But I did get my workout in, and that is a good bit.

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