Seven Days of Working Out

Today was day 7.  This is post 7.  I worked out for the 7th time this year.  Yes, friends, each day I have worked out.  I have blogged – not necessarily quality – but I have.  But, sadly, I haven’t been able write a love letter to Sam each day.  That was harder than I thought.  It was hard to specifically write something down for her, which is too bad because she’s pretty great.

Last night we went to her clinic’s Christmas Party at McFadden’s downtown.  It was an area I’ve never been – well, that part of the area – and it was very fun.  Hosted bars usually are.  There were casino games and free chips to play and that was a nice night out.  Of course, my nice nights are generally tempered by knowledge of the AM to follow.  Sam had to work at 6am this morning and luckily my mom was here to help out.

I’m terrible at watching the kids because I have no idea how to keep them entertained.  Lucy wants to eat and sleep and Zach watches TV – and that’s just awful.  I forget about things like the library and the Y and all that.

It’s been an okay week.  The first week back at school.  Bills to be paid and all that – it wasn’t awful, but not exciting.  What were the good bits?  That’s the focus, I should focus on.

Sam made delicious dinners this week and cleaned the house.  I helped a bit, but it was mostly her.

Mom came over and so did Dad so we got to see them.

There will probably be some kids books I can buy tomorrow at the library bag sale.

I was paid on Friday.

I didn’t spend my “allowance” this week, so it can be saved for the future.

We got to go to a cool Asian supermarket today and that was fun.

I am meeting my goal of both working out and bloggin every day, but not of writing prose or really being more organized.

I did get to see Brianne this week, which was quite fun.  And I met one of the other spouses at Sam’s clinic who was a pretty cool guy.  I suppose Sam and I have friends ’round here, it just seems so hard to spend time with them.

I’m feeling very good about working out every day.  It’s so hard to finish things.  As I have many times in the past, I have started something with high hopes.  This time, I will finish.  Finishing is something I never have gotten the hang of.  I tend to wait until bad times to work on things.  I had several times earlier today to write and I didn’t.  Of course, I did have papers to grade and lesson plans to design – which is a real pain in the neck, but whatever.

What frustrates me about blogging is that I have to keep my words in check.  I use my real name and there are things I am terrified of writing down that would possibly trouble-fy me, but I don’t want to hide behind a pseudonym either.  So, it’s a big struggle.  What would I write if only I could?  I don’t know.  Complain more, so its probably best I don’t write because I hate to trap myself in the gutter.

I feel rather morose and I’m quite tired of that.  Many who know me think of me as a happy dude.  Which I am.  Too thoughtful, I guess. My mom said I worry too much about things I can’t change and that is 100% true.

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