It’s Supposed To Be Friday

Remember?  Friday?  Payday?  End of work week?  So, instead I get a bill from Sallie Mae.  It’s far, far more than expected because I didn’t pay last month’s.  Awful person that I am, when I went online to an account with the same account number as the last statement, and it told me I owed less than on the statement, I believed the online account.

Well, I won’t do that again.  Because my paper statement says I didn’t pay last month and the Internet says I did.  Now, the amounts owed are different, but (and I think this is important) the account numbers are exactly the same.  The UNIQUE account numbers.


So, it’s hard to be upbeat (New Year’s Resolution!) with that kind of crap over my head.  And I’m pretty wiped from school – but Sam’s holiday festivities are tonight and I get to hang out with my mom (and hopefully dad) this weekend.  But I feel like our new budget is going to be stomped by this stupid bill and payment due.

Maybe I’ll pull a Julia Child in a few years, after the loans are paid down, and become a TV chef or something.

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