The First Day Back

Today I returned to my post as 1st grade teacher.  What news transpired?  Well, district has a new interim superintendent.  Will this help the insane red tape I seem to encounter at every turn?  I hope so.

(Now, as I generally feel I need to disclaim – my school is really nice, and I enjoy my co-workers and supervisors and all that – but life is not perfect, no!)

Well, I have a lot to do in this classroom of mine.  It is always a challenge to plan the day properly and to get things set for the day – even when I arrive early.  People who have been teachers or are teachers know this – there is never enough time!  Right now, I am trying to get a decent log together for my SSR time, in addition to figuring out a good way for kids to pick good books for SSR, as well as organizing my library (which is relatively tiny – but still formidable when it is being “lexiled”).  And with all this!

Still no work on Space Pirates.  And that is really upsetting.  Work, home life, the kids – it’s all crazy!  Anyway, I refuse to give up on my working out and writing in the blog goals.  I just must remember – it doesn’t matter what I right, it is the habit that is important.  So… Here is a blog post for today!

Working out is pretty hilarious, to be true.  I haven’t had time to go to the Y (and I need to, since we decided to stay) so I use the WiiFit stuff, but Zachary desperately wants to play and ends up confusing the balance board as I do Aerobic step.  Sam thinks I look funny.  I will tell you that I greatly enjoy working out in the front room with my family.  It’s a lot more fun than working out on my own, so I kind of hope I only make it to the Y for the pool with Zach.

Lucy continues whiny and needing holding and the apartment continues messy.  Sam is trying valiantly to clean, but it is quite impossible with Lucy.  I recall this when I stayed home with Zach in his baby-hood.  It is really furshlugginer hard to get anything done with a baby being watched.  Sam couldn’t shower until very late in the day.  I recall having trouble using the restroom.  Babies.  Whatevs.

Anyway, I am feeling much better and happier with this working out business and general agreement with myself to be a happier person.  Today was pretty good.  My kids were overly well behaved, though our room is still pretty awful.  I’m hoping to get some plants and to really get the Book Nook area looking nice.  A good friend (as I said) is giving me a bunch of crates to help, and some boards and pillows should help as well.

The students moved seats today and there were some terrible choices on my end.  I feel for one of my poor girls who is typically well-mannered but is sitting by a not-so-well-mannered person.  We will see.

And as I sit, I am tired at the end of the day – which is how one should feel.  But it is after ten, and that is my target bedtime.  Closer today than yesterday.  If I could get up early a few days in a row – things would go well!  I could get the workout in before I go to work.  Now, that refutes my love of working out with the fam – but we do what we have to.

There’s a lot happening this weekend.  Joann fabrics is having a sale, there’s a book sale, Sam’s office party is going on (she has to work the next morning).  I don’t know about partying.  I’m trying to keep off the spirits until my weight goes down.  It’ll be pretty slick at the end of the year after working out 366 days in a row – I’ll be svelte, I bet.

Man, if I was in shape, things would be different.  Because, I could do a backflip.  No one messes with you if you can do a backflip.  You know who can do a backflip?  Batman.

I dare you to mess with Batman.

(You didn’t, right?)

This bloggin’ is a good warm-up for writin’ – but I only have time for the warm-up!  Now I’m wanting to keep going so I can get some Space Pirate adventures going, or my other book, or the other one, or the screenplay.

I left my notebooks at my mother in laws.  That’s pretty lame.

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