Day Two

What has Day Two brought?  Well, another late-ish night.  The day runs away from us so fast.  It’s terribly hard to get anything done with the kiddos – but we like ’em anyway.  Poor Zachary is completely off his schedule, but ready to return to pre-school.  Lucy needs to learn she cannot be held constantly.  We will see how that goes.

There’s two posts I was thinking of doing, but now I just want to go to bed.  The first was a review of my favorite webcomic which is called “Bad Machinery,” but is a spinoff of “Scary-go-round” (which was spun off from “Bobbins) and so I always go to which works quite well.  Anyway, it is a terribly good webcomic to the degree it is one of the few I would seriously consider buying the books of, if books were ever a thing I could buy again.  (Times are lean)

The other is thoughts on “Least I Could Do” which is NSFW or anything, and used to be fairly humorous.  I’ve either outgrown the humor or it’s gotten pretty bad.  Today’s joke was about flying cars, which really isn’t very unique I suppose.  But that can wait another day – it’s all SofC today.

Sam took down the ornaments today and the tree sits on the porch – tomorrow it will finish the voyage to the dumpster.  This will be a sneaky pitch.  Tell no one.

I also still haven’t gotten milk crates from my friend Bri (this is not what I call her in person, and this is a terrible pseudonym, but perhaps she doesn’t want to be known as the milk crate lady in real life).  Anyway, this is entirely my fault but I will get them from her so I can have some sort of book storage in my classroom.

Which is going to be rough.  I’m pretty happy its a four day week, because I am pretty stressed about returning to work tomorrow.  There is so much to be done!  I have reading block forms to re-copy, words to write, it’s a new month and year.  That’s a lot of stuff to get done!  But done it must be – it’s one of my new personal commandments (I learned this from The Happiness Project).  Do what needs doing.  These things are tricky.

I hate driving.  And we had to drive back from Sam’s Mom’s house today and that was not very fun because we are trapped in our apartment once more.  At least it feels like being trapped.  Surrounded on all sides!  Doors that shut automatically!  Little natural light!  THE HUMANITY!  Surely, these are first world problems.  I will now practice being emo about it – it is an exercise in which I realize how foolish I am being.

This apartment is terrible and smells like feet.  here is a poem i wrote (i don’t capitalize anymore – don’t  put me in a box!);

Pale, dank
Mildew lurks in my
soul within
windows streaky
with the feces
of hope.

That was pretty terrible.  I will now wipe of my black mascara and tell you that I worked out today.  Which is a resolution, so that’s two days in a row.  I only have 364 days to go.  Wisdom flew out the window on this one – it is a leap year so I have an extra day I need to work out.  Lesser men would consider this a day off, but I learned to be a man from pictures of Teddy Roosevelt.

I wish I could grow a mustache.

COST CUTTING MEASURES:  Sam and I are trying to save money, so we can buy a house, and so we are going to stop eating out and cancel cable TV and have a budget.  There are bills we just found out we have, so that’s not good – but we will do what we can.  I am considering making all of our clothes from cardboard fiber which will not be durable, but will save us on laundry soap.  Cardboard can be obtained free at the supermarket.  The only problem is figuring out the perceived value via cost per hour.

I don’t care.  It will be fashionable.

Work is still stalled on Space Pirates, and will no doubt continue to be so until my resolutions take full hold of my psyche.  The working out is good.  This blog is updated – though somewhat turgid and repetitive.  But I did say quality was less of a concern whilst the habit was formed.  I need only aid my wife in the intricate cleansing of our live-space and we should be good to go.

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