It is January 1st, though it is almost the 2nd, and I am at my mother-in-law’s house.  Here we sit in an old farmhouse with the kids aslumber.  In two days I begin work again teaching 1st grade.  This is an admirable job, but they children – they are so little!  I like teaching reading far more than how to read, but I do my best and like my students.

But, what about the writing?   Ugh.  I am very tired of thinking on it and being so introspective and whatnot – but I cannot help it!  Pensiveness reigns my life.  Thoughts.  Life.  Hold.

I posted to my blog 10 times in 2011.  That is terrible.  10 times?  What is that?  That’s not even an attempt – it’s a menace.  I have drafts I didn’t post because I read them and second guessed and there will be less of that because…

RESOLVED:  Post to blog every day.  What’s a good minimum word count?  I don’t really know, but I think at least 250, though I would prefer 1000.  I don’t have the time, though, with work and whatnot.  So, it will be lots of stream of consciousness.

RESOLVED:  Work out EVERY DAY.  This is inspired by this website here.  And that is that.

RESOLVED:  Start the food blog with Jesse.  Jesse K. and I are going to inspire the shite out of you guys and gals when we debut our food blog.  You will love it like a beautiful opposite-gendered person.

RESOLVED:  Write more.  I think it will be easy to write more since I barely wrote in 2011.  Too much procrastination.  So.  Write MORE.

RESOLVED:  Be happier and, in general, upbeat.  Life got away from me, but I enjoy being happy and so I will be happy this year.  I make a greater effort to sing, dance, play, draw, and be an artist – so more drawing and writing and creating which is what I love.

And that is that.  My blog here, which I have efforted (my made up word) to be a focussed writing blog, then a writing repository, then – what?  Will be my blog for everything.  And if people aren’t interested in everything, well, that is far too bad for them.  And the word count will help.

RESOLVED:  To finish things.  I want to finish at least one of the umpteen books I have first chapters for, but especially my Space Pirates epic, humor sci-fi thing and I will work to write more – which I have said.  And to be positive.

And to love more.  That is for my wife.  Samantha may read this, you know, and I want her to know that I am mean to her sometimes and do not mean to be, but she gets caught in my grump-cross-wind and that is not fair.  So, I will be a lovinger husband to my wife whom I adore and whom, without, I would certainly have perished.  Or not been as happy.  I wish I could show her my love more often.

And that is a post for today, which brings my count for 2012 up to 1.  And that’s already 10% of 2012.

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