The Haps

You know what are impossible to find?  2 gallon zip top bags.  It’s driving me crazy. Mitt Romney is going to get the RNC nom, I’m pretty sure.  Ron Paul is okay, but he’s batshit insane. Sam is doing Wii Fit which is why I am not. I think my main problem at work is […]


My family is missing!  I came home, expecting my wife and kids and other-mother and they are all gone!  I don’t know where they are.  I am all alone and I don’t like it. I am pretty tired.  My back aches and again, my brain feels heavy.  I don’t really know what to do about […]

They Day Comes

I am trapped within a school building.  My diet of cherry Coke and pretzel rods is non-sustaining and I will no doubt despise the choice on the morrow.  Possibly this evening.  This building houses me and my disdain for work that is finished. When you are in a classroom, there are approximately five thousand things […]


Celebrate uniqueness.  That’s the name of the day today.  Celebrate the little bits that make you you – and I will do so for myself. (Today, as I cooked dinner, my mind composed myriads of brilliant blog posts which evaporated into the ether – I am so very much more eloquent when my mind wanders) […]

Dang, Dudes

It’s been quite a hectic week back in the saddle.  Teaching 1st grade is akin to herding cats, but they are coming along.  We are re-learning our schedule and focusing our work.  Our big goal this week and next is nailing our SSR time – this is self-selected reading.  It is challenging to do as […]