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I was hanging out with my friend Jesse the other week and he was talking about starting a food blog.  There are so many food blogs.  But his sounded pretty interesting – he has a small apartment kitchen and was only going to use a small amount of pots and pans.  Minimalist cooking.  Well, he got me thinking about my own not-updated food blog.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to make a web-show about cooking called “Effin’ Cheffin.”  The concept is sort of similar to Alton Brown’s Good Eats.  His three main inspirations are Monty Python, Julia Child, and Mr. Wizard.  And Alton Brown does a great thing with Good Eats, so it wouldn’t be anything new, but still would be fun.  My three inspirations would be more like Adult Swim, Alton Brown, and Bill Nye.

I also thought that Grand Rapids could use a decent food blog.  I don’t even know if their is one.  I’ve looked online and found a few mlive articles about restaurants, but they are typically written by John Serba the entertainment dude.  I enjoy Serba’s articles and reviews, but he’s not the best food writer I’ve ever seen.

Grand Rapids has some pretty nice restaurants.  And I’d enjoy just eating at them – but to have an ulterior motive… hmmm.

What strikes me is the sheer nonsense of most restaurant reviews.  Here is a typical review I read about any number of places.  “Two stars.  It was an Italian place and I pretty much hate Italian, so I thought I’d eat here.  I ordered a meatball sub.  The meatballs were meaty and the sauce was red.  It was a sub with meatballs, but it didn’t taste like Subway, so I didn’t like it and there was cheese on it.  Don’t go here!  If you are rude to the waiter, he won’t bring you free drinks!”

Sigh.  If only I were exaggerating.   Anyway, I would like to improve upon these silly reviews somehow.  I’d go with a couple of people so we could each get a different dish – meat, pasta, fish, whatever they might have – and share to sample the food.  Reviews of the service are also important.  There have been some fine meals I have eaten ruined by poor service.  I also like the idea of giving each dish a “reheat” test.

This is all such a silly thing to talk about – but I like to have it written down somewhere.

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