Monthly Archives: March 2011


I would be remiss if I did not post from Toronto.  I am in a 2nd Cup coffee shop racing against the wi-fi clock, as the Internet at the Westin Harbour Castle is 15 dollars a day, and exorbitant highlighting that particular hotel’s need to seem “upscale” by being overly expensive.  If given a choice, the Abels agree we shan’t frequent it again.  The room’s fancy fixture do not make up for the overpriced low-taste food and nickels requested hourly.  We are fearful the water we are using from the tap is being carefully measured, cubic millimeters at a time, with gratuity thrown in.

Toronto is a city, and that is all I really know about it since we haven’t had much time to explore.  Certainly not to find anything that is that “Spirit of Toronto” that one finds in large cities.  There was an amazing farmer’s market, but such a thing is not unique – in fact uniqueness is rapidly disappearing in the homogenization of our land.

I came in a very late flight, the shuttle having vanished.  My cab overcharging me.  I was excited to be in foreign lands, Canada being another country indeed.  I gazed at the cityscape in the moonlight, thinking of adventure and feeling worldly.  My reverie was shattered by the white letters of a Wal-Mart sign.  It was not the finest moment.

In her excitement, Sam booked us to eat at the very top of the CN Tower, a decision I met with fear and cowering.  Heights are not my thing.  A search ensued for a new venue, and it was found – though it is farther than I thought and so I am unsure what will happen.

I will say that I am not having the best time, and that is very much due to a hotel that has decided money is far more important than happy customers.  Most people won’t realize how their wallets are slowly being chipped at, but it doesn’t matter.  I am with my wife, and we are in love, and that is what is most important.