Monthly Archives: February 2011

Howdy, Stranger!

Someday, I’ll blog once more.  Now?  Too busy.

I need to do a blog post, though, for the conviction.  I need to bare my soul.  Not really, because not much needs bearing.

I have so many things to do!  There is my Teacher Work Sample.  Which is kind of stopping me from doing actual work for my classroom.  My TWS is based around a Science unit, which is great, but I have to fit all my documents into the little pegs the school has designed for me and it makes me feel somewhat cramped.  I’ve chanced writing learning objectives without numerical criteria thus far, which will probably not be good.  But continually stating “to 80% accuracy” sounds banal.  If I write that I want the students to do something every time it happens in the classroom, that is criteria.  I shouldn’t need to add “100% accuracy.”  Numbers are helpful, and I use data all the time – but they aren’t always necessary.

Anyway, I did my contextual factors essay and did well.  I should edit it as I learn more and more of the intricacies of my classroom.  Nothing to be gone into here, as a public forum is no place to describe students.  All of my students are pretty awesome, and that’s all that needs to be said.  But for the TWS I have a goals and objectives essay, an assessment plan, create the lesson plans, Graph the Growth, and an explanation of the unit’s uses.  This is all okay, and I don’t mind explaining the growth, but it’s hard to DO it.  There’s so many other things I’d like to do instead.

As usual, with these assignments, there is no decent example.  The TWS example given doesn’t accurately portray what the assignments should look like at the end.  This is important; the graders at WGU are so very specific that I imagine comparing and contrasting different students work within the programs is really a matter of overlaying a transparency.  Wiggle room is not a thing – you either meet specific, sometimes uncommunicated criteria, or you do it over.  They need better examples.

School aside, there’s other things, yes!  I am in the middle of storyboards to finally make my short zombie movie this summer.  I am finished with act one of a screenplay for another flick, and have at least two ideas for others.  I am in the middle of a rewrite for a children’s book, almost done with a book, and have a couple of short stories that I can’t seem to find homes for.  I don’t have the time.  I also have an idea for a cool comic book series, and a few TV shows.  Those last two things aren’t a big focus, as there’s no real way to realize them.  But what can one do?

Also, you may be aware, I have my son and wife to think on.  It’s depressing to not spend time with them.  Right now, I’m staying with my folks for much of student teaching.  Which is okay, but I miss them.  Sam’s at her mother’s who is sick and recovering.  Zach continues to be more energetic as time goes by.

We are trying to exercise more and eat healthier meals, which takes time to plan.  We are budgeting better, which takes time to plan.  I want to brew my beer and practice my guitar, which takes time.  It all takes this time.

And the hard thing is:  I have this time.  I could do all of this.  But it all crashes around me in a cacophonous schedule so that I end up doing silly things like surfing the net or reading comics instead of actual work.  That’s not good.  That’s procrastination, which admittedly I am good at.