All Alone

It is difficult to be all alone.  Especially where humor is involved.  We try to make jokes and when people do not laugh, it can be lonely.  Here are a few literary allusions and jokes I find hilarious, but no one ever gets:

“This (object) will last for a 1000 years!”
This is a paraphrase of a quote in Jack Keroauc’s On the Road. Sal is visiting a friend in Texas who is building a shelf and proclaims it will last a millenia as it is from an old sturdy board.  No one gets it.

“Looks like we are in a sticky situation.”
Any time this works as a pun on the situation (spilled syrup, trapped in a town called Mount Carmel, untying a not of Velcro) I laugh until tears come.  My wife just looks at me.

“(longer name) for short.”
In one of the Winnie the Pooh books, Christopher Robin “names” a washed Piglet “Pootel.”  Or “Henry Pootel for short.”  Whenever I make a joke, no one gets it.  I have several folks who just think I’m an idiot because I don’t realize the longer version is not a “for short” version.  Which is frustrating, because the irreverence is so satisfyingly refreshing in that little bit.

I hate when people don’t get my jokes, it’s so depressing.
(Which is an allusion to Marvin the Paranoid Android).

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