T-Shirts and Memories

Those who know me well may be surprised to learn my sentimental streak exists.  Never much do I showcase an overly sentimental appearance.  The end of things saddens me if I have put a lot of myself into them; but I generally move on fairly well.  Today has brought to me the task of sorting through clothes to leave in Oklahoma, clothes to take home, and clothes to give to Goodwill.

Oh, Goodwill, your cycle is one of sadness.

Looking through old shirts is a hard task for me, as I am in the habit of keeping them for a long time.  Pictures have never been my style and they have filled that gap.  Therefore, the drawers still contain a 1998 Fruitport Soccer t-shirt and a wrestling clinic T.  I still have a long sleeve NMU Rugby shirt I bought senior year of high school because I planned on playing rugby.  (spoiler alert!  I didn’t)  This is probably the worst of shirts as I used it mainly for working out and manual labor.  The cuffs are falling off.

Camp shirts are also amazingly hard to get rid of.  I don’t care for tie-dye, but still have two in the closet.  A staffie and a “weekend warriors” sleeveless number.  Camp shirts have been hard to dismiss as my wardrobe once contained 85% Pendalouan Trading Post merchandise.  Possibly because I worked there, but I am not too sure of the reason.  They hold extreme value sentimentally, despite several other items from camp that should arguably mean more to me (they do).

I don’t have this problem with pants.

It is not so good to be a packrat.  I have a “Cover of Life” t-shirt I don’t anticipate wearing  much at all as the applique is far too large for my comfort – I am a chest sweater – but I still don’t want to give it away because of the memories.

I know some folks will understand what I am saying; other folks will think me crazy.  But there’s memories packed into these threads.  And I’m also lazy and not a fan of getting new ones.  Which I don’t need, since I have a lot already.

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