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I thought I would espouse a bit of love for my favorite website lately, which is io9.  It is a member of website family that includes Lifehacker, Kotaku, and Gizmodo (my other three favorites of the group).  io9 is a site for science fiction, though it travels into fantasy occasionally and speculative fiction.  This type of stuff is my bread and butter.  Considering my apathy toward pro sports (excepting hockey, go Wings!) my mind has mulled possibly changing my conversation starters with people.

THEM:  How ’bout them Lions?

ME:  I don’t watch sports, and I’m not going to talk about them.  Do you watch sci-fi shows?

THEM:  What?

ME:  If you aren’t capable of carrying a discussion on Doctor Who, Fringe, the Twilight Zone, or the possible altering of the timeline through temporal travel, I have little use for you.

THEM:  I like Back to the Future.

ME:  Awesome.

This will not happen because a) I am too polite and 2) I am kind of a wuss in social situations.  Put me in a room with teachable children (all) and I will be lord and master in short order.  Throw me in front of a crowd aching to learn a bit about stuff I care about and I am excellent.  Toss me in a room with strangers and I will sit on the couch sipping beer and waiting for my wife to be ready to leave.

Hence, io9.  They post amazingly well-thought rants at time, updates on weird science in real life, and space pictures.  Aptly titled “space porn.”  It is a site that someone created because they thought “I wonder what kind of site Matthew Abel would like.”  And i do.

But the articles are a mere tip of the iceberg.  Nestled beneath photos of Matt Smith filming Doctor Who, or hate mail to Michael Bay is a robust comments section.  It is unlike any comments section I have ever witnessed.  Not once have I seen the word “fag” or witnessed unneeded vulgarity.  There’s the usual chorus of random agreements, but there are also amazingly crafted responses to the articles.  I tell you truthfully, there have been comment responders who write better and support stronger points than the actual authors.

It is like a forum, or sorts, and I admit I haven’t searched to see if a forum actually exists.  I am content to read and post and have a good time.  I am failing to figure out how to be notified if I am responded to in a post, but I am sure to discover that.  It may have much to do with the fact I log in using my Facebook profile.  You can do that.  It’s quite convenient.

So, for the three of you reading this who are into sci-fi, link over there.  It’s awesome.

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