TNTM: Fringe, FlashForward, Smallville

Oh man, have you seen this show, Fringe?  It is an excellent sci-fi romp that I enjoy watching.  Seriously.  Some shows, I sit and watch and I’m all “When will they get to the end so I can find out the latest twist in the plot?”  But not so (much) with this show.  What’s really nice is that it had a strongish start, went downhill mid-season, and is now climbing up.  The season finale was excellent and the second season premiere was, too.  Very excited for this week’s ep, which I will view via Hulu later today.

Oh, Internet.  You are amazing.

What I like about Fringe compared to the other Abrams series I have seen, which is Alias, is that it’s a little less confusing.  And they have less to set up each episode.  There were a few “My father was in a mental institutuion” lines too many last season, but it was no where near the level of re-exposition I heard in Alias.  And I swear to God Sydney Bristow’s every other scene involved her mentioning the need to “compartmentalize” her emotions or whatever.  Too much family drama.

There’s family drama in Fringe, but it is much easier to take.  Man, Walter Bishop as the kidnapping father is tight.  This is my favorite mad doctor of all time.

Then I saw FlashForward, which was boring.

Smallville!  Wow, have you seen this show lately?  Holy Crap!  This show sucks. It used to toe the line between good and sucky and remain a guilty pleasure for me, but the season opener was so boring.  I found myself genuinely not caring what happened to these people.  Who cares?  And now we get Major Zod, who seems to have appeared (somewhat) out of nowhere with an army he commands to kneel before him.  I don’t know who is in charge of the Kryptonian Army (Marines?  Navy?) but demanding your soldiers “kneel before” you is a bit ridiculous.  I’d go AWOL after a day.

Zod didn’t have people kneel as a show of respect – ala this episode – it was as a show of subservience.  You know, after he conquered places.  So, this kind of screwed up the character.

But what can they do?  They’re out of Luthor, they squandered Braniac, and the few other villians that show up are lame.  They keep spouting off about Clark’s “Destiny” without him really getting closer to throwing on an actual costume.  And costumes!  Good Lord, Smallville, fire your costume designer right now!  From Green Arrow to Impulse to this silly black trenchcoat thing (is that a bleached “S”?) they just don’t seem to work well.

A big problem with this first season 9 ep is that it was packed with continuity.  A person just coming into Smallville would not know what the hell was going on and would be flummoxed as to where Lex Luthor was.  And since the show is bleeding viewers, they need to do all they can to pull new ones in.

My solution:  Hire me.  I could retcon and revamp the hell out of this show.  I’d use on of those Temporal what-jiggits.

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