Last night, Grendel had four seizures.  This morning, early, he had one that stopped and led right into another – this is a sign of brain tumor.  The only other things that can cause seizures like that are poisons in massive amounts.  Rogue would have them, too.  This is all after getting his pill.  So.

Sam talked to the vet we generally see Grendel with and he was a good doctor.  I say this because he put it to Sam straight.  Grendel more than likely had a brain tumor.  Dr. was 99% sure and he reminded us that Grendel’s personality would continue to change.  And we have a baby in the house.

There is no flowchart we can really follow, no one who could make a decision for us.  But Sam and I both knew what had to be done and we took Grendel in this morning.  He slipped away quietly in the usual vet way.  Sam held his head and stroked his fur as he went under.

We are both upset over this, but it is a lie to say it was completely unexpected.  We were both thinking the drugs were working – that Grendel would make it home to Michigan.  Alas, this was not the case.  Life here takes on a grey aspect now.  And we are anxious to leave this place to help us heal, I think.

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