It’s a universe where everything is free.

But I digress.

Things are coming together for “Hound” as we enter the last full week of rehearsal.  As the opening day approaches, I become far more worried about it – especially as we are missing a week from typical rehearsals.  Still, when we ran Act One it was watchable, so that’s good.  I think Act Two is, as well.  We could use that extra week, though, to fine tune things a bit more.  Certain blocking has been changed in act one, and I’d love to have a full day for a “working Runthrough,” but I fear the cast would kill me given my propensity for micro-management at times.

We cleaned the house a bit more today.  This battle will be won, eventually, because we will be moving at the end of May.  To Michigan?  Perhaps.  It is dependent on whether or not the job Sam has applied for appeals to her and if she appeals to the vet.  I hope so.  I think we have a bit of an edge, as we aren’t really looking for her to find a short-term job, we’d love for her to find the place we can settle down and stay for a long time.  Sam wants to move to Scotland someday, though, so who knows what will happen?  I think that would be a hoot, but I’d like to nail down my writing for a while.

A story was written by me a week or so ago and is up for review at Critique Circle.  Under the “sci-fi” heading.  This is an okay arrangement, as it is certainly speculative fiction.  The majority of stories under that heading, however, seem to be chapters of longer works.  Where are the shorts?  I love short shorts.  Just saying.

At last count, the number of unfinished/in progress projects I have was reaching toward twenty.  Truly, I fail at sitting down and completing things.  There’s two screenplays, five books, three comic books, One musical, three stageplays, one television program, a book of children’s verse, and a book of humorous adult poetry.  So that’s how I’m doing these days.


In addition, I am working on my teaching certificate finally.  I take the MI basic skills test in November some time and in the meantime am reading horribly dry material on public schools and their relation to society.  After my experience on Thursday (awesome!) I am fairly certain I could pass any teaching test that involved some person of standing watching me in a classroom.  They would say “He’s in.”  Kids often don’t like school, and I’d have to say its because they feel they are wasting their time.  But that’s as maybe.

To finish, I’d like to answer reader mail!

Dear Matthew,

I, too, live in Stillwater and have for a long time.  You seem knowledge-able and handsome; perhaps you could answer this car-related question.  There are two switches on either side of my steering column.  One seems to control my windshield wipers and whatnot, but the other one is a mystery.  I’m scared to try and use it in case it is the “wheels off” control.

Hope you can help,
Gunther (last name withheld upon request)


You’d be surprised how many people in this town have this problem.  That is your “turn signal.”  When you flip it down, your left tail light will blink.  Flip it up and the right will blink.  This lets people know you are planning on switching lanes or turning at a corner.  You may start to notice other people using them now that I’ve mentioned it – it means they will most likely go in a direction other than “straight.”  Hope this helps.

And that’s about all I want to talk about today.  Keep those letters coming!

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