Questionable Naming

Well, Zachary has this awful diaper rash.  Somewhat disgusting.  We are doing our best to solve the problem – and we are for certain moving to cloth diapers.  We want to get the all-in-one, and it would be a treat if they were the adjustable (one size) variety.  The past few days have found me scouring reviews and personal parenting blogs for advice.

Ah, “Parenting.”  Have I mentioned my ire for this publication?  A rudimentary scan of this periodical brings up its delight-less incorrect moniker.  The magazine should be named “Mothering.”  Upon further investigation, one might change this to “Mothering without Dad’s help because he’s a worthless layabout and probably doesn’t care about the children, also, you are a female Jesus.”  I suppose the masthead would be too unweildly.  Still, it’s a nightmare.

Case in point:  The Forums.  I am no stranger to the world of Online BBS Battle.  Youthful and brash,I was even guilty of upscaling arguments into “that’s what the Nazis did” territory.  My time in the trenches has made me wary of re-entering that world, so I mainly lurk.  Signing up for every forum I want to comment on takes too much time anyway – I’ve got this baby to take care of.

The Forums have a “Dad to Dad” forum, seemingly intended for Dad’s to talk to Dad’s.  What the staff of “Parenting” don’t seem to understand is that the magazine should probably pull Dad’s into this world.  It certainly doesn’t.  The DtD forum is mostly moms wondering why the Dads don’t seem to be around.  Maybe they are busy fixing grease traps and shaving themselves, whatever these men do.  It all adds up to a big “fail” for the magazine.

Irritating behavior from a magazine aside, it irks me that the “stay at home dad” is still looked on as weird by certain folk.  There’s no way to really know who they are, but they are out there.  Watching.  Judging.  Ignoring their children.

Ah well.

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