April Poem 2.6

Today, LeeBee has us writing about something we have lost.  I’ve decided to be somewhat snarky with mine.  (Post Poem Comment:  It didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked.  I don’t have the patience, really, but I hope the idea gets across.)


They came before us and squeezed
The thoughts into little boxes.
Couplets reigned, sonnets reigned,
Sestinas roamed like little foxes.
And we came along with typing
Eschewing pen and pad
Never quite realizing
How easy we had
Our writing of the stuff.
We broke apart the walls
Refused to be constrained
And forgot to clean up
The cell once in a while.
It lies lost away from us,
Refusing to go away.
And we ignore it and say
We are better than that
Neglecting a challenge.

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