April Poem 2.4

Today we write about animals.  And so I’ve written a sonnet.  The worst sonnet in the WORLD!  Ha ha ha!


From the dark bush of swamp Australia
Came a beast that none believed to be real.
A Hamlet to nature’s Ophelia,
Its features a bottom of God’s deck deal.
Some might call it cheating to have all those
Handy devices.  A bill, to help find
food in deep water.  For swimming, webbed toes
Barbed with venom keep predators in line.
Oh fair Platypus!  You kept us guessing –
Were you bird or lizard?  We did not know.
We settled finally on mammalian.
Studying was hard you hid and laid low.
Platypus you are like a dream that leaves in the morning
Scuttling away in water no warning.

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